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A-Plus Air

It’s efficiency that makes the difference

Fall is ending and winter is approaching. How do most people go about buying a furnace? First, they call contractors such as aplusair.ca Heating, Air conditioning & Ventilation and ask for estimates. Traditionally furnaces in most homes are larger than… Continue reading

Common sense must prevail

If the blender on your kitchen counter suddenly stopped working because a bone caused the blade to jam, would you stick your hand inside and attempt to loosen the offending article? If your car ran out of gas and your… Continue reading

Furnace tune up and maintenance

Winter; days become shorter and nights longer, temperatures drop. With the costs associated with running a primary heating system in a home, what can you do to reduce the shock that occurs when your home heating bill arrives each month?… Continue reading

Ultra-efficient furnaces

Did you know that replacing an old furnace with an energy-efficient model can reduce your household’s greenhouse gas emissions by at least 1.4 tonnes per year? Up until recently, you could buy a mid-efficiency model – 78-84% AFUE (annual fuel… Continue reading

Humidifier; friend or foe?

You’ve looked at the benefits of upgrading your old forced air oil-burning furnace and are definitely in the market for a high-efficiency gas furnace – especially now that the local utility company has made natural gas available on your street.… Continue reading

Don’t try this at home

Ever watched a show on television and heard some host exclaim, “Now don’t try this at home…?” Generally, a comment like that is directed to younger more impressionable individuals who for whatever reasons have not quite mastered some of life’s… Continue reading