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A-Plus Air

Do You Need A Protection Plan On Your HVAC Equipment? You Decide…

We really want to set a new standard for HVAC contractors. While the Ministry of Education is working on re-branding the “trades”, we’re working on re-branding the impression homeowners have of HVAC technicians. It takes a lot of schooling and on-the-job training to obtain our licenses. We are a multi-license contracting company including Sheet Metal, Refrigeration, Electrician, Gas Fitters and designers. Some of our guys have them all – we’re proud of that.

We respect that our customers hate unexpected HVAC repair bills.  And don’t they always happen at the wrong time of year?  So much for that vacation or new car!  Never mind the cost, what about the inconvenience?  Protect your HVAC equipment with an insurance protection plan.  A-Plus Air sells you the policy and provides the protection service when required.  Our Administrator is Integrated Warranty Systems Inc. (IWS) and they work in conjunction with Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company – so you’re covered by 3 reputable organizations.

We believe in full disclosure and accountability.  So here’s what you need to know about our insurance plans.  If you’re interested in signing on, see the form attached which you can pre-qualify for by clicking here and filling out the attached form and sending back to us either by email, fax or phone.

Insuring Agreement

Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company issues the Contract through the Administrator, Integrated Warranty Systems Inc.  And in consideration of the payment of the contract premium to Integrated Warranty Systems Inc., and in reliance upon the statements and selections made by you, the Contract holder, with the issuing Dealer, A-Plus Air and subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations of the Contract set out, Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company agrees to indemnify the Contract holder as per the Terms of Extended Protection Policy attached hereto.

General Description

Coverage is provided only for the HVAC equipment identified in the contract, for which a premium has been paid.

Furnace Coverage


Gas control valve, Blower/components, Condensate Pump, Door Switch, Electronic Ignition System, Purge Blowers, Low Voltage Circuit Fuse, Fan & Limit Controls, Heating Circuit Transformer, Auto Vent Damper/Motor, Power Burner Motor, Thermocouple, Flame Spreader, Flow Switch, Fan Motor, Relay, Roll Out Switch, Pilot Burner, Main Burner


Heat Exchanger, Filters, Thermostats, Electronic Air Cleaners, Humidifiers, Heat Re-Claimers

AC Condensing Units Coverage


Capacitor, Control Box Assembly, Control Box, Contactor, Filter Drier, Fan Motor, Wire Harness, Valves


Compressor (Unless Coverage Purchased Separately), Refrigerant and/or Refrigerant Leaks, Evaporator Coil, Condensor Coil or Thermostat

Fireplace Coverage


Blower, Thermopile, Switches, Thermocouple, Thermodisc, Gas Valve, Controls


Glass, Logs, Heat Exchanger, Combustion Chamber

Water Heater Coverage


Controls, Valves, Blower, Igniter, Limit Switch, Burner


Tank Replacement, Rust, Corrosion, Leaks, Hard Water Damage

Boiler Coverage


Auto feeder, Immersion on Aquastat, Circulation Pump, Expansion tank, Low Water Cutoff, Transformer, Valves (Zone & Gas), Expansion/Fill Valve Tank, Manual Reset Pressure Control, Main Burner, Ignition System


Heat Exchanger, Thermostat, Water Lines and Related Plumbing Including Leaks

Other Exclusions

In addition to the specific components not covered as outlined above, the following are excluded from coverage for all plans and products:

  1. Maintenance or maintenance related repairs including but not limited to cleaning, replacement of filters, replacement of bulbs or batteries and lubrication of components,
  2. Any repair arising from a lack of proper maintenance practices,
  3. Any repair or replacement made necessary due to changes in legislation or regulations, whether Federal, Provincial, Municipal or otherwise,
  4. Any repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear,
  5. Any repair or replacement due to abuse, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, earthquake, other natural disasters, acts of war, acts of terrorism, acts of God, electrical surges, improper or negligent use by the customer,
  6. Any repair or replacement performed by an individual not authorized by IWS,
  7. Faulty connections, adjustment of controls or customer education or instruction,
  8. Any repair or replacement that is part of a recall notice,
  9. Any repair or replacement performed in order to upgrade a unit,
  10. Any incidental or consequential damage caused by the failure of a covered component including but not limited to additional or unusual utility bills,
  11. Any charges incurred in order to gain access to or to remove covered equipment. This includes removal of decking, walls or other obstructions and the use of ladder trucks, cranes or other equipment,
  12. Heat exchangers, duct work, venting, plumbing, electrical supply, gas supply lines, remote controls, drains, cosmetic adjustments or replacements, paint changes, rust and corrosion, pilot lighting.

Start Dates

Coverage begins one year after the Installation Date (31 days after installation if first year labour coverage is purchased) for 5 and 10 year plans on New Equipment. Coverage begins on the Service Date (after the equipment is deemed fit for coverage) for 1 year parts and labour coverage on Existing Equipment.

Expiry Dates

Coverage expires either 5 or 10 years from the Installation Date for New Equipment as indicated by the type of coverage selected. Coverage expires 1 year from the service date on Existing Equipment.

Buyer’s Right to Cancel

You may cancel the contract within 30 days of the date of purchase. To cancel you must give written notice of cancellation to the address below.

A-Plus Air
110 - 1100 South Service Road
Stoney Creek, Ontario
L8E 0C5

Phone: (905) 385-6450
Fax: (289) 649-1031

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