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Common sense must prevail

fire-515776_1280If the blender on your kitchen counter suddenly stopped working because a bone caused the blade to jam, would you stick your hand inside and attempt to loosen the offending article? If your car ran out of gas and your wife’s car sitting in the garage had a full tank, would you stick a hose in your mouth and attempt to siphon off a litre or two?

Of course not. No normal, right-minded individual would.

Yet recently on late night television there have been some raucous commercials featuring aggressive, fast-talking mass marketers talking directly to homeowners about a hydrocarbon refrigerant “Do-It-Yourself” kit as a replacement refrigerant gas for home air conditioning systems. Suggesting that the average homeowner should attempt this risky procedure is similar to sticking your hand in the blender.

Why? Well, for the record, hydrocarbon refrigerants are a mixture of propane and isobutene and are extremely flammable. The use of a dangerous combustible refrigerant in a home could create a fire and even cause an explosion. Practically all home heating and air conditioning systems for homes have combustion flames and spark igniters that are ignition sources. Any leak of this dangerous gas could create the potential for a serious explosion and subsequent fire.

In addition, there are valid concerns from environmentalists; allowing these refrigerants to leak into the atmosphere in Canada is against the law. There are no specific laws governing the sale of hydrocarbons as refrigerants in this country. Most provinces require that service on home and business air conditioning systems must be done by a qualified refrigeration and air conditioning technician. Because of the gray area of the law, these companies that pitch the sale of hydrocarbons are only doing so to benefit themselves. Until the laws change, they cannot be stopped.

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